Thursday, April 28, 2011

DC Delights

Chai Cupcake
If you couldn't tell, the inspiration for my last two posts came from a couple recent trips to Washington, DC.  Being the foodies that we are, Ryan and I checked out some pretty good eats.  First up is Baked and Wired, a bakery/coffee house in George Town.  We were inspired to visit after watching DC Cupcakes, our original destination.  But several reviews on google said that B&W had bigger/better cupcakes, and they sell coffee.  B&W is only a few blocks away from Georgetown Cupcakes, but the ambiance if much different with it's wood floor, old leather couches, and chalkboard wall (which I took full advantage of).  During our first trip we visited in the afternoon during a rain storm.  Ryan had a cherry blossom and I had the Texas sheetcake which was just fabulously rich and chocolately.  On our second trip we tried the chai latte and vanilla latte cupcakes.  The only problem was that these were our breakfast.  After the sugar rush and caffeine buzz wore off we crashed hard.  Which is what happens when your used to decaf coffee and very little sugar in your diet.  None the less these cupcakes are incredible and worth every calorie and penny.  Light, fluffy, flavorful and would be delicious even without the creamy frosting.
Cranberry Ginger Scone

Another great place for baked goods and coffee....or wine is Northside Social in Arlington, VA.  Sorry, it's not exactly within walking distance of Arlington cemetery.  You'll have to take the orange line metro and get off in Clarendon if you want to sample their homemade scones, and perfectly brewed coffee.  At night the upstairs turns into a wine bar.  We were about to leave when they put out a tray of brownie samples.  I had a sample about 2 bites big and it was the richest, moistest brownie I have ever eaten.  This is no exaggeration, it practically melts in your mouth.  They also serve breakfast/lunch sandwiches, homemade granola, and oatmeal. Ryan went for wine one night and said they have a large selection from South America, but unfortunately the regular size glasses are quite pricey.

Also in Arlington is El Pollo Rico, a hole in the wall Peruvian restaurant.  They serve one thing, rotisserie chicken.  That's it; minus your sides of cole slaw and french fries or rice.  It may not look like much, but last year Men's Health Magazine voted it the best chicken restaurant in the united states.  It has also won numerous awards around DC.  There are about 4 large open rotisserie ovens that spin all day and late into the evening.  There is lots of cummin in the spice blend and the chicken stays moist even when eaten as leftovers.  Be careful of the hot sauce, they aren't kidding around.  I liked mixing the hot sauce with the mild sauce which we think is a combination of mayo and mustard.  If you go and the line looks long, don't worry you won't wait more than 10 minutes.
Vino on a Roof Top

Eating while traveling can get pricey, especially in a city like DC.  So sometimes it's good to find a grocery store and take advantage of their salad bar and pre-made soups/meals.  And if you're looking for a romantic evening, a bottle of wine from a grocery store will usually cost less than at restaurant.  As you can see, it was a little chilly, and we had to bundle up as we watched the sunset on the hotel roof top.

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  1. The best part is that on the roof top. Love Georgetown!