Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Kick Boxing Calories

This morning I didn't feel like running and I didn't feel like yoga, so instead I kick-boxed along with a video on youtube.  Apparently there is a company called ShadowBoxer, which created a belt with resistance bands attached to it.  The idea is that you do the kickboxing workout while holding the resistance bands in order to build muscle and increase the intensity of the workout.  I don't have the nifty resistance belt, but I still got a good workout.  Of course I had already done a 20min Insanity workout beforehand...also watched on youtube.

SB Pros:
1. You only need a small space to do it.  I did it in the basement laundry room, placing my computer on the washer.
2. No equipment needed.  As I mentioned before, even without the resistance bands you are going to get a great workout.  Of course you could always add 1-3# hand weights for some moves if you already have them.
3. The 3 minute cardio/strength segments go by quickly.  Even at 40+ minutes the workout flew by.
4. It's full body and works every muscle.  Loved the squats!
5.  The instructors do a great job of demonstrating different levels of intensity.

SB Cons:
1. People with knee injuries may find all the bouncing a bit much.  As mentioned under the Pros, they do give you different levels if all the jumping is too much.
2. The main instructor kept mentioning calorie burn.  I seriously thought about starting a running tab on how many times she says, "the faster you go the more calories you burn!" or "This is a great calorie burning workout."  The purpose of exercise is not to burn calories, even when a persons goal is weight loss.  The purpose of exercise is to build strength, improve cardiovascular fitness, and for some to increase flexibility.  Exercise should be a way to feel better about ones self and be healthier overall.  Calorie burn and increased metabolism is a secondary benefit.  Exercise becomes tedious and unenjoyable when the only focus is burning calories.  So just ignore her statements and keep bobbing, weaving, and jabbing.

Overall I do plan to do this video again, it was fun and by the end I was super sweaty!

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  1. Sounds like a great workout. I would have to opt to a lower impact version though.