Monday, March 30, 2015

Challenges in Creativity #1

Alright, now that I have a little over a week under my belt of this new and seemingly very restrictive elimination diet I thought I'd post a sampling of what I've been eating.
Turk Burger + Pancake

T.J. Turkey burgers
Homemade turkey sausage with sauteed kale/greens
Leftover beef roast with wilted greens/kale
Pumpkin oatmeal pancakes

Giant salads + Whole Foods Herbs De Provence Rotisserie Chicken or deli turkey/ham
Dressing: Avocado oil + lemon or lime juice
Crab/Sardine cakes (using flax as an egg replacer) + cooked veggies
Homemade pumpkin seed pesto; marinated chicken tenders + steamed brussels sprouts and carrots.
Sausage + Veggies + Avocado

Dried Cherries

Chicken and Fennel soup using leftover W.F. rotisserie chicken
White Chicken Chili topped with avocado and cilantro
Shepherds Pie sans the tomato paste (it was a little crumbly)
Shrimp with broccoli and cashew butter/Bragg liquid amino sauce
Garam Masala seasoned beef liver

Beef Roast + Kale
I had a little bit of a breakdown after about 6 days when I was feeling frustrated and a little snacky and couldn't figure out what to eat.  All I really wanted was a small piece of dark chocolate, what I ended up having was two celery sticks with cashew butter and raisins.  Hello ants on a log!

I'm not sure what the most limiting factor is.  The no garlic is tough since it's in just about every recipe, and in almost everything when you eat out.  I found fish sticks the other day that were GF/DF/Nut Free/ Egg Free and I thought HURRAY something I don't have to cook!  Nope, there was garlic powder in it.

Or maybe it's the no vinegar/yeast. Do you realize that every condiment has vinegar in it? Except for salsa...but no tomatoes or garlic so that's out too.  I tried to make some roasted jalapeno sauce, boy is it hot!  As much as I want to avoid baking bread, cookie, and muffin like things, I may give-in and try an Bread from Anna yeast free bread mix, just so I have something to toast occasionally or to put some deli meat on.  Also, I have three jars of Mark Sisson's Primal Mayonnaise which due to both the eggs and vinegar, I cannot eat right now, and this makes me very very very sad.  Mayonnaise should be it's own food group.  I love that stuff.

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