Thursday, February 11, 2010

Oil of Oregano

Last week my seasonal allergies went crazy.  After the Nun Run 5k Saturday morning, I found myself blowing my nose every two minutes.  I've been taking the OTC version of claritin since then, but am still fighting off a running nose and sinus pressure.  A friend of mine has been telling me to try oil of oregano supplements for a couple years; I finally broke down and bought some.  You can buy it in pill form, however mine is a liquid.  I added two drops to about 6oz of V8 V-fusion juice.  It definitely has a strong flavor, but the juice helped mask it enough to where I could barely taste it.

Scientifically speaking, there appears to be no clinical trials supporting the notion that oil of oregano really does prevent sinusitis and/or allergies.  Which probably explains why I cannot find any 'scientific' evidence promoting it for this particular use.  Thank goodness I found this statement before becoming too frustrated with the lack of information.  There are a few smaller studies that have shown that it may be used as an antibacterial, but as one source stated, if you "pour a pile of salt, lime juice, Cointreau, or tequila on a petri dish, it will likely kill most bacteria too."  Since I am not a pharmacist or herbalist, I recommend reading these articles in order to learn more and become an informed consumer.  While there may not be much science to back up it's use,  I'll let you know if I feel any different over the next couple days.


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  2. Thanks for the positive feedback! I hope to make some room for you widget this coming week.