Sunday, April 29, 2012

Food with Family

Getting a walk in with mom after a delicious lunch of chicken curry.
Ryan and I recently took a weekend trip to Iowa to visit my parents.   I've written posts on how to eat healthy when traveling however, eating well while staying with relatives is another topic entirely.

-Breakfast is easy, even if other family members do not like eggs by themselves, they are usually a refrigerator staple.  Once you start frying some up in butter, it's likely others will want some too.  If other people want pancakes or waffles, no one says you can't have some, but remember to stick with small servings, and limit the amount of REAL maple syrup you use.  

-Contrary to my usual recommendation, it can be helpful to eat out, especially if other members of your group are picky or do not like many of the foods you do.  Maybe you have a favorite local eatery that serves a favorite dish or a great burger.  Or, maybe there is a new ethnic restaurant where you can get some great curry.  Many grocery stores now have large salad bars, these can be used to create a great salad with lots of veggies.  Forgo the salad dressing and use the olive oil and vinegar for your healthy fat.  

-During warmer months, suggest grilling for supper.  This makes it easy to include all the necessary food groups: Grilled Protein, Grilled Veggies, even Grilled Fruit.  Use coconut oil or butter to keep everything from sticking.

- No one wants to be hangry when hanging with family.  Make sure to keep some snacks on hand when traveling  This might mean you have to bring some dried fruit and nuts and jerky from home, but at least you will not be tempted by a mid-afternoon ice-cream cone or cookie.      

-There's no need to forgo desert.  If a family member has made a family favorite, go ahead and have that homemade apple pie.  That is if you are not prone to sugar cravings.  For people who cannot stop with just one brownie, it may be best not to start.  Instead, suggest making some sauteed apple or pear slices with cinnamon and nutmeg.  Then top it with a little heavy whipped cream. 

Just because you are traveling don't let your health, especially your digestive health suffer.  If you have special dietary needs, such as being gluten or dairy free, it will probably make things easier if you bring along some of your own foods.  This might include bread for french toast, almond milk and protein powder for smoothies, and even gluten free BBQ sauce for grilling.


  1. Your Mom looks great and you too--you resemble her! Have a great week!

  2. Your reference to curry reminds me to dine at an Indian restaurant soon. I don't even know what curry tastes like. I work with lots of Indian docs, so I've got a list of good recommendations in my white coat pocket.

  3. My first curry experiences were ones I cooked myself. It was nice to see what the real thing was. Right now we have some hot curry powder from Penzees. We just mix it with coconut milk, fish sauce, and a little chicken stock when we make our own.

    Thanks Cindy!