Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Ryan and I love brussels sprouts.  I'm not sure how this love came about, but frozen or fresh we always have some on hand.  This very polarizing vegetable probably has more haters than lovers, but my theory is that people who don't like them, just haven't had them cooked properly.  Sprouts don't need a lot of added seasonings, but over cooking makes them mushy and bitter.  However, if they are are cooked for too short a time period, their natural sweetness won't come out.  Why these little gems haven't made it as a supper food yet we may never know.  A cup of B-Sprouts contains: 8g carbohydrate and 3g of fiber.  But it's also packed with 195% of your DV for Vit. K and 125% of your DV for Vit. C.  These sprouts also contain large quantities of anti-oxidants similar to those found in other cruciferous veggies (cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower) so they are super stars when it comes to preventing cancer.  The question is...what to do with them.

1.  Shred
2.  Roast
3.  Braise
4.  Saute with Bacon  
5.  Eat leftovers for breakfast with chicken sausage or eggs.

If you are new to b-sprouts, skip the frozen ones for now and stick with fresh.  They are much more tasty and less likely to become over cooked.  If you're still putting together your Thanksgiving menu, perhaps you may want to think about serving up some brussels sprouts.

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