Monday, September 2, 2013

Great MN Get Together

Once again Ryan and I visited the Great Minnesota Get Together, AKA the State Fair.  This year I was on my best behavior and I avoided the GLUTEN!  Which was much easier since the Northland Celiac Support Group had a list posted online of all the GF food vendors.  Dairy did sneak in here and there, but since I barely ate any fried food or sugary confections, I didn't leave feeling awful.  

After a cup of coffee and a look around, we found a short line for Pronto Pups.  I thought these were Ryan's favorites, but I think that might be the dairy barn.  After a Strawberry Rhubarb Malt in the AM and a twist cone in PM, he had a bit of tummy ache.

I sought out the French Meadow Bakery for their GF risotto poppers.  They were my deep fried food of the day.  Crunchy on the outside, warm and gooey and a little cheesy on the inside.  This is what CBS MN had to say: 

Gluten-Free Risotto Poppers – Arborio rice balls with black beans, cheese, scallions and spices, hand-rolled and dipped in tapioca flour and egg wash, then dipped in gluten-free crushed corn tortilla chips. At French Meadow Bakery, located on Carnes Avenue, between Nelson and Underwood streets

Didn't use much of the ancho chili dip, they already had enough of a kick.  I almost went back for more.  They better have these next year, even Ryan said they were "legit." I didn't notice if they were frying them in the same batter as their Dough-Sant, then they would actually be cross contaminated and someone with Celiac Disease, or a severe gluten sensitivity could feel the effects.

Nothing like a little Beer and Wine Tasting from the local breweries and Vineyards.

The Mill Street Red was the best.  The Edelweiss was too dry even for me. 

Ryan just had to get his fried cheese curds, apparently they are trans fat free...I've got news for them.  When you fry anything, and especially when you fry foods repeatedly in the same oil, the oil becomes oxidized and is almost as bad for you as a trans fat. This includes my risotto poppers. 

This is a terrible picture, on the left are Ryan's cheese curds, he didn't eat all of them cause he said if he did he was going to be sick.  On the Right is my Bison Kabob (they marinate it in GF tamari).  Totally not worth my $9.50.  The Bison was so over cooked and chewy, couldn't even tell I was eating bison vs. any other over cooked red meat. Never again.

Not pictured were Ryan's 2 ice-cream treats from the Dairy building and our Pork Chops on a stick.  While those were GF, they did contain MSG and were crazy salty; so salty I can't believe I thought they were good last year.  My plan for next year is to again look up the GF list, hopefully have some risotto poppers, and then have a Gyro salad...those looked mighty tasty.  

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