Monday, September 9, 2013

Super Foods For a Super Week

In an attempt to get prepared for the next week, maybe month... I spent my Sunday and Monday evenings cooking up some super foods so I can have a super week.  As of today I officially have 2 classes left until the completion of my masters program.  For the next 12 weeks I'll be working my tail off on a research project, probably something related to cancer prevention.  But to keep myself eating well I'm loading up on super foods.

Yesterday I shredded up a batch of kraut for fermenting.  I've only got a pint jar left and I hope it lasts me another 3 weeks until this batch is ready.  The crunchy, salty, fermenty flavor is delicious on my typical lunch salads.  This time I added turmeric to the cabbage and carrots.  Hopefully that, the garlic, and the growing probiotics will keep me healthy during this stressful time.
Weighing down my salted cabbage before it gets canned/jarred for 3+ weeks.
Since I had the world largest head of cabbage from the Farmer's Market, I just kept shredding it and created a crisp slaw using Tessemae's salad dressing. (still have almost 1/2 of the cabbage left.)  I bought the ranch flavor, it's light and not very strong; next time I need a jar I think I'll go with a different flavor.  Sometimes even I like to have a pre-made dressing in the fridge.  Since the ingredients are 100% real, as in actual olive oil, I have no reservations about buying it...other than the price.
As much as I love sardines, I also love canned salmon.  The freezer stash of salmon patties was getting low so I made 12 more.  On a busy morning, nothing beats grabbing a couple patties and frozen veggies for supper at work.  The bones in canned salmon and sardines are super for bone health, I try and eat at least one serving per week, but I usually get in two.  The omega 3 fatty acids are also great for cardiovascular, brain, and gut health.  Not to mention cancer prevention.  While forming the salmon patties, I simultaneously roasted 10 chicken legs for work lunches this week and then tried a miso glazed eggplant recipe using mini eggplants from the market.  Totally not worth it.  I love miso and asian flavors, but this was nothing spectacular.  However, it's food, it's made, I'll eat it.
Wild Planet sardines on top of chopped peppers, zucchini, and wild rice.
Continuing my effort to clean out toxins from my life, I bought a ceramic coated non-stick pan from TARGET! and only $25.  This morning it wilted my spinach for breakfast, tonight I used it to cook up my first attempt at beef liver.
non-stick and non-toxic, bye bye teflon
Remember how I had this random 2013 goal to eat liver 2x each month...well I kind of fell off the wagon.  But I'm back on with 4 months left.  This was spurred on by a slightly low hemoglobin reading at my physical last week.  Hopefully more beef and more liver in my life will remedy this without having to resort to an iron supplement.  Last week I created a breakfast loaf using Beeler's Sausage, chicken livers, a green apple, extra rosemary, and garlic.  Now when I don't want eggs, I have a super nutritious, high protein option awaiting me in the freezer.  But tonight I ventured into the land of beef liver.  I used this wasn't bad.  Since my pan is non-stick I'm not sure if I got the appropriate sear on the liver.  The texture is a little different, but not unpleasant.  It would probably behoove me to actually eat some prepared by an experienced chef/cook.  I consider it a success since I would definitely make it again.  Apparently the leftovers are even better, I foresee delicious dinner awaiting me in a couple nights.
Liver, peaches and onions, and Tessemae slaw
I mentioned the farmer's market several times during this post and for good reason.  Can we say money saver!  for $16 I bought:
1 Massive head of cabbage
1 pt organic cherry tomatoes
2-3# mini egg plants
4 small organic green peppers
2-3# mini (pickling) cucumbers-great for snacks
1 doz. pastured eggs
I could have finished off my produce shopping there, but I ran out of cash.

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